Do you want to declutter, get organized and feel calmer?


Having your space, whether it be a cupboard, office or entire house   be uncluttered, ordered and easy to maintain can relieve stress and  help you be more productive.   Spaces and places that are both functional and harmonious make living, working and playing  a more joyful experience! 

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Working with Celeste

Would you like your home to be your sanctuary;  place where you can relax and feel calm?   

 Would you like your office to be a place where you can easily focus and get things done without distractions?  

Would you like to be able to find the things you need easily and quickly? 

Well, who doesn't? Right?  

Our lives are often busy and chaotic and  it can be hard for us to keep up with all the things we need to do and take care of.  That is where hiring a Professional Organizer can be a big help!

Working with Celeste means having someone by your side to help you prioritize, stay focused, work purposefully and get things done.

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What People are Saying


Celeste has a wonderful way about her that helped my Mom with her difficult task of de-cluttering. Celeste understands those who have a hard time with letting things go. Her kind, patient, and professional manner made all the difference in what would have been a daunting task. I can’t thank her enough for how much she helped my Mom!


Working with Celeste helped me to know that it was okay to toss things out that I wasn't hadn't used in years. It actually felt good being able to do it.  I learned a new skill- emotionally letting go.  Celeste had a special way of guiding me without being rude.  I like the suggestions she had of how to organize my stuff.


"You should call your business, 'Organizing Fun with Celeste' !"


My Services


Decluttering & Simplifying

Paper Management

Life Transitions

Estate Clearing

Organizing Solutions for big and small Spaces

Empathetic Support & Guidance

~How it works~

STEP 1. Prioritize


  Together we will identify your organizing needs, prioritize projects and make a plan to  maximize your space,  so you can experience  peace of mind and  enjoy greater productivity. 

STEP 2. Simplify


  Making changes and letting go of excess “stuff ” can be hard.  I provide an empathetic and objective perspective and customized support to help you make changes you want.

STEP 3. Organize


A place for everything and everything in it's place.  I will help you bring order, structure and beauty to whatever space needs it.   We can work together, creating systems designed to match your  needs or I can set them up for you. 



What’s holding you back from living and working in your “Happy Place”?   You deserve to be surrounded by tranquil and beautiful spaces!   In an organized space, you will feel calmer, less distracted and more creative.

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