About Celeste


My goal as a Professional Organizer is to help my clients  along the path to living with the sense of order, calm and ease that comes from being organized.  

I love using my creative talents and keenness for ordered and purposeful spaces to help people transform their homes, offices and spaces to be less cluttered and more efficient. 

I truly believe that serene spaces create 'happy places' where adults and children alike can thrive and work ( and play) with ease and joy. 

I  work within a client’s budget and find creative solutions to all their organizing needs. 


My Story

I was an Elementary School Teacher for 20 years.  Running a classroom full of young children takes organization ( and a sense of humor)!   An effective classroom environment has to have a balance between work and play.   I believe that like a classroom, our homes and spaces should also reflect a balance between function, purpose and harmony.  We  not only work more  productively in an organized  and calm environment, but we can also relax and have more fun when things are in order.  I became a Professional Organizer to help people create their idea of a perfect space, at home or at work; so they can get on with the important things in life; such as living fully and joyously!